Services & solutions for exhaust air purification and process heat re-utilization      


Exhaust air purification and heat re-utilization


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reference applications in several industrial markets

Clean Technology Systems Benelux delivers state-of-the-art plant technology solutions of Dürr Systems AG to minimize emissions in industrial processes and improve energy efficiency.

The technology of Dürr guarantees an efficient elimination of hazardous components in exhaust gases and residues while ensuring a high level of process reliability and reduced energy consumption.

Industries, such as (petro-)chemical and fiber production, pharmaceutical, printing and coating, semi-conductor, automotive and industrial painting, are generally required to control air emissions.

With the emission reduction technology of Dürr, such as thermal oxidation (Incinerator/RTO), catalytic oxidation, scrubbers, adsorption and absorption, the gases and vapors in these industries can be removed effectively to ensure compliance with the latest environmental rules and regulations.

With the energy efficiency technology of Dürr, such as the “Organic Rankine Cycle”, remaining process heat can be re-utilized in an optimal way and reduce the CO2 footprint.

Clean Technology Systems Benelux is able to support customers in the Benelux with Dürr as a system partner by combining technical know-how and extensive worldwide experience. From concept design to implementation, from optimization and plant modification to maintenance services, we supply efficient, effective, and comprehensive solutions.

With our Mobile RTO's we can deliver rental solutions for temporary VOC emission control, Ship and Tank degassing.